Adam Tank

Adam Tank

Chief Customer Officer, Transcend

Adam has over 10 years of experience in the water industry with a focus on innovation, software, and business development.

As the Chief Customer Officer at Transcend he has responsibility for client success & marketing initiatives related to the Transcend Design Generator ( and the automation of preliminary engineering activities.

Most recently he served as the North America Smart Cities Director at Suez. He previously founded, and sold, a robotics spin-out of the General Electric corporation which focused on cutting edge potable water pipe rehabilitation techniques. Prior to that he serves as GE Water’s Digital Water Leader, managing venture investments and creating software solutions for water distribution challenges.

Earlier in his career Adam serves as an engineer in the CPG industry where he both lived and worked in Brazil, and led sanitation programs for General Mills’ largest yogurt plant in North America.

Adam received his undergraduate degree in microbiology from Kansas State University and his M.B.A. from the University of Arizona. He is a water blogger and podcaster, foster dad, long form author, and supporter of volunteer organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

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