Mark E. Watson III

Mark’s mission is to support the next generation of entrepreneurs building purpose-driven, innovative, technology-enabled companies.

He does this through Aquila Capital Partners, a proprietary capital investment fund he founded in 1998. Through Aquila, Mark and his team have invested in companies ranging from a fintech small consumer lending firm to a conversational AI platform, to a physician-dispensed skincare line.


Over the course of Mark’s career, which spans three decades, he built two public companies, the most recent being Argo Group, a specialty insurance, and reinsurance provider. Under Mark’s leadership, Argo Group went from being nearly insolvent to a global business with clients on six continents and over $3.5 billion dollars in revenue.  He’s also credited with creating a new approach to specialty insurance and reinsurance.

Mark writes regularly on topics including the future of work, small business recovery, sustainability for businesses, leadership, and philanthropy.


Alongside his work with Aquila, Mark is deeply invested in philanthropy through the foundation he created with his wife, AnaPaula Vasquez. Through the foundation, Mark and AnaPaula give to organizations devoted to changing outcomes for children living in poverty across the United States as well as in Bermuda.

Prior to setting up the foundation, Mark and AnaPaula supported multiple charities focused on children, including food banks, school-based nonprofits, dance schools, and others.

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