The idea that the Internet has democratized moviemaking has become one of the most repeated truisms of the digital age. But what, exactly, does the ability of everyone to post video on popular networks like YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo mean to the filmmaker herself?
According to the noted filmmaker Tiffany Shlain, it means that the art of intimacy and authenticity become central to the creative product. “I think there is an intimacy with the way people are experiencing it,” Shlain said about online filmmaking at a recent Ericsson and AT&T hosted FutureCast. The event helped launch her latest short movie, “The Science of Character.”
So what advice does Shlain give to young online filmmakers?
Beyond producing work which is authentic and intimate, Shlain thinks that young filmmakers need to experiment with all the new technologies and apps available online. “We want more experimentation,” she says. “I would say the world is your oyster because there’s all these free tools available right now. I mean basically you have cameras on your phone.”