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Leaders from GE, Verizon, Bayer, and McKinsey & Company at last year’s Techonomy NYC.

Ten weeks to go until our second Techonomy program in NYC. We’ll start May 16th with Techonomy Health, a full day on the intersection of tech, health and healthcare ecosystem. And on May 17th we’ll follow with a program that is a condensed version of our annual November flagship.
Here’s what’s in store!
Techonomy Health’s multidisciplinary dialogue will explore how advances in tech are shaping the future of health and healthcare, extending it beyond doctors offices, labs and hospitals into all facets of our lives. We’ll talk about how AI is altering the industry. We’ll delve into amazing advances developing around our ability to edit and tweak our genes. We’ll discuss what might replace Obamacare, the obstacles for startups and the challenges faced by executives and practitioners across all corners of this ecosystem.
Health tech entrepreneurs like Esther Dyson, Walter de Brouwer of, Ron Gutman of HealthTap, Steve Krein of StartUp Health and Mario Schlosser, CEO of OSCAR, will join industry leaders like Len Greer, President of Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions, WebMD CEO Dr. Steven Zatz and Dr. Agnes Binagwaho (the former Health Minister of Rwanda). We’ll discuss health and wellbeing with Arianna Huffington of Thrive Global and bestselling author Dr. Dean Ornish, founder of the Preventative Medicine Research Institute. And Dan Munro, Author of Casino Healthcare, will address the challenges of American healthcare finance and innovation and why we’re not likely to see an “Uber of Healthcare” any time soon.
On May 17 we broaden our focus, looking at the myriad ways tech change is impacting every sector of society and the economy.
We’ll start with a big picture conversation about the role and responsibility of the tech industry in this turbulent age of insecurity. And we’ll close with GE Vice Chair Beth Comstock.
What you’ll hear: WeWork Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Miguel McKelvey on how work real estate and design are changing, Air Map Co-Founder Greg McNeal on regulating and controlling drones; PlanGrid CEO Tracy Young on tech aiding construction; and Andrew Rasiej, Civic Hall CEO and Founder of the Personal Democracy Forum, on how tech should respond to President Trump.
Eli Pariser, CEO of Upworthy (and the man who coined the phrase “filter bubble” in a book of that same title) will talk with Rachel Maguire of the Institute for the Future about who and what has “authority” in a networked world. Other speakers include economist Diana Farrell of the JPMorgan Institute, privacy expert Marc Rotenberg, Executive Director of Tech:NYC Julie Samuels, NYU professor (and sharing economy expert) Arun Sundararajan and media and technology strategist Michael J. Wolf of Activate. They’ll discuss everything from blockchain and identity to how digital tools can combat terrorism.
Both programs combine short presentations with panel discussions, interviews and lots of room-wide Q&A and discussion. Lots more details are on our website.
The programs are still a work in progress, so if you have ideas and suggestions let me know! And if you want to join us, register here!