Vish Nandlall

Vish Nandlall

Head of Strategy, Marketing and Chief Technical Officer, Ericsson North America

Vish Nandlall is currently CTO at Ericsson North America. In this role he is responsible for defining the U.S. and Canadian roadmap and solution strategy for Ericsson’s wireless and wireline service provider customers. Vish is a member of the boards of directors for the Telecommunications Industry Association and Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers. He is also a member of many advisory boards, including the Federal Communications Commission, the Telecommunications Advisory Committee, EMC’S Technical Advisory Board, and the University of Texas Arlington Industry Advisors.

Vish has previously held the titles of CTO of Extreme Networks and CTO for Nortel Carrier Networks. As CTO for Nortel Carrier Networks, he led a team of more than 90 architects and standards delegates who participate in GSM, CDMA, WiMAX, LTE, and Carrier VoIP portfolios. In 2009, he was the guest editor for two special editions of IEEE Communications Society related to LTE and SAE. Vish’s current areas of research include webRTC, heterogeneous networks, SDN, NFV, and M2M.

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