Rajan Kohli

Rajan Kohli

SVP, Global Head, Wipro Digital

Rajan is responsible for Wipro Digital and Wipro’s consulting business globally. While that involves many different things, most of his time is dedicated to building business around talented, highly motivated, multifaceted teams. He’s always working to bring together those with a truly digital DNA – the best designers, engineers, and data scientists – to make our clients successful and create remarkable experiences for customers.

Born and raised in Chandigarh, India’s first planned city, Rajan applies a philosophy of simplicity and order to everything he does. With an MBA and an education in engineering, he’s inspired by the energy, inventiveness and learning associated with starting something new.

Prior to this role, Rajan led the Banking and Financial Services (BFS) vertical at Wipro. He headed this business globally with the responsibility for client satisfaction, revenue, profitability and capability development. He also has served as Wipro’s Chief Marketing Officer.

An avid sports fan, Rajan loves stories of underdogs who punch way above their weight to win – in both sports and life. He also enjoys reading about innovation at the intersection of technology and business.

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