Michael Federle

Michael Federle

CEO, Forbes Media

Mike Federle is CEO of Forbes Media, where he oversees the organization and drives the company’s performance, strategic planning and worldwide growth.

Since July of 2016, Mr. Federle served as Forbes Media’s President and COO with responsibility for the company’s media business, its intersection with new businesses, content creation, editorial, product development, sales, marketing and corporate functions.

Prior to joining Forbes Media in 2011, he was a co-founder, President and COO of Techonomy Media Inc, a multimedia company based in New York, in which Forbes acquired an equity interest in July, 2011.

He is a 25-year veteran of the media industry, where he has held top positions as Publisher of Fortune magazine, Group Publisher of the Time Inc. Business & Finance Network that included media properties such as Fortune, Money, Business2.0 and and Group Publisher of the Bonnier Mountain Group in Boulder, Colorado.

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