Kate McKeown

Kate McKeown

Author - Beyond IBM, Founder, Giinius

Kate McKeown has been a writer, serial entrepreneur, inventor, facilitator, speaker, and unusual professor. She is the co-author, with Lou Mobley, of “Beyond IBM.”  Her work has been published in dozens of business journals, from the “The Harvard Business Review” to “The Controller’s Quarterly.”

As a professor, Kate incited Entrepreneurship at the Fordham Graduate School of Business for 14 years, and was Entrepreneur Fellow for the Fordham undergraduates. She taught for a decade in the “Birthing of Giants” program for entrepreneurs at MIT, sponsored by Inc. Magazine and The Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization.  She has also spoken to numerous groups in the US, Russia, China, Venezuela, and Africa.

As an entrepreneur, Kate founded several companies, including C.W.O., Inc. (Cold War’s Over), a company that imported Russian military surplus for sale in the US.  As an inventor, Kate holds one patent, which she wrote and prosecuted, and sold the invention on QVC.

Kate, in her distant past, was a founding member and Chapter President of the Washington, DC, Chapter of The Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization, (YEO, now EO) where her mentor was Ray Hickok, the founder of YPO, The Young Presidents’ Organization. From Ray Hickok she learned the importance of community, ongoing peer support, and mentoring.

Kate worked extensively with W. Edwards Deming for more than ten years, including helping him to edit the book, “Out of the Crisis,” published by MIT Press.   His next-systems-level thinking changed a country in one generation, and we all can do it too, with systems change.

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