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Kate Burson

Kate Burson

Chief of Staff to the Chair of Energy and Finance for NY, Office of the Governor of New York

Kate Burson has worked at the intersection of business, policy and law to enable change. In 2011, she arrived at a traditionally managed government body with a vision for a new way of advancing clean energy. Working with the Governor, Burson deployed a new strategy for a distributed, networked grid– powered by clean energy. She conceived the seeds of this idea, which grew into the State’s Reforming the Energy Vision, REV, which she co-developed and managed. This project was granted license under Governor Cuomo to operate as a startup within the larger executive government.

At the time of her departure in October 2015, Burson served as Chief of Staff to the Chairman of Energy & Finance for New York State, operating a portfolio consisting of the state utility regulator, two public power companies, and the state’s energy research and development institution. Burson oversaw a multitude of landmark achievements including the restructuring of New York State Energy Research and Development authority (NYSERDA), the creation of a $5 billion clean energy fund, as well as the establishment of the nation’s largest Green Bank –the latter being the nation’s largest public financial institution dedicated to clean energy finance.

Previously, Burson served as an Assistant Attorney General for New York State, where she prosecuted securities fraud. She has also held positions at the World Wildlife Fund, the World Trade Organization, and the National Women’s Law Center. Burson attended Vanderbilt University where she graduated magna cum laude and was awarded All-American and Academic All-American honors for her achievements as a Division I tennis player. She received her law degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

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