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John Corrigan

John Corrigan

CEO & Co-Founder, SummitSync

I co-founded SummitSync with Al Torres because we saw a giant opportunity to revolutionize the way sales and marketing teams leveraged conferences and trade shows. It’s always been tough to identify who you should meet out of thousands of attendees and virtually impossible to calculate how face to face meetings at events actually impact revenue. Let alone easily collecting all that data accurately in CRM and Marketing Automation.

Which is why we created SummitSync’s marketing intelligence platform. Conferences and trade shows are transforming business, and we’re transforming how businesses connect with attendees. With over $565 billion of marketing budgets spent on attending and sponsoring B2B conferences and trade shows every year in the US, SummitSync helps boost the ROI on the single largest line item in most B2B marketing budgets by empowering your sales and marketing teams and making them far more efficient. We engineer better handshakes by providing a smart meeting scheduler platform that filters relevant event attendees and tracks your ROI across every event.

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