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Jim Farley

Jim Farley

Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Sales and Service and Lincoln, Ford Motor Company

In August 2010, James D. Farley, Jr. became Ford Motor Company’s executive vice president of global marketing, sales, and service, marking the first time Ford had a single global leader filling these roles. In December 2012, he took on the additional role of senior global leader for Lincoln.

Since joining Ford in November 2007, Jim has led Ford’s drive to connect even more closely with customers through integrated global marketing, advertising, digital communications, brand development, and research. His achievements at Ford include improving overall operation fitness of the company’s marketing and sales operations, working to globally align the brand, and integrating the global marketing and sales teams. In addition, as group vice president of global marketing for Canada, Mexico, and South America, he was instrumental in positioning Ford’s operations for continued future growth as the regions.

Previously, Jim was group vice president and general manager of Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus. Before leading Lexus, Jim held roles as group vice president of Toyota division marketing, product planner for Lexus, manager of truck product planning for Toyota, manager of national advertising, and general manager of product management for Toyota Europe. One of Jim’s most noted accomplishments was his responsibility for the successful launch and rollout of Toyota’s Scion brand.

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