Dominique Turcq

Dominique Turcq

President, Boostzone Institute

Dominique F. Turcq is founder of the Boostzone Institute, a Paris-based research and advisory center dedicated to track the strategy and management implications of the techonomic paradigm shift.

Dominique has experience in academia (professor at HEC, ESCP, INSEAD in France, IIST in Japan), in business (SVP strategy at Manpower, Marketing SVP at Sony), in government and administration (special economic adviser to the French government), and in consulting (Partner at McKinsey & Company). He has lived and worked in many countries across the world, including India and the U.S., and is now based in France.

His last book in English, “Augmented Management,” addresses the skill gaps for managers. His last book in French, “Eloge du Retard des Entreprises,” addresses the fact that corporations are now systematically late in adapting to a techonomic world.

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