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Chris Giles

Chris Giles

Vice President Global Product Management, SendPro Solutions, Pitney Bowes

Chris is responsible for gathering and understanding client needs, together with developing Pitney Bowes’ next generation of mailing and shipping solutions to meet those needs and ultimately delight our clients. Chris is accountable for the delivery client satisfaction, market share and financial goals, including revenue and profitability targets across Pitney Bowes SMB (Small and Medium Business Division)

Chris first joined Pitney Bowes in the U.K. in 1989, and he has held a number of positions ranging from product development and international marketing to product line management. During his long career in the mailing and shipping industry, Chris has worked closely with sales, marketing, product management and postal authorities around the world from US and Canada, across Europe as well as Australia and Japan. His experience includes time at a web-based mailing and shipping solutions startup based in Silicon Valley, where he was responsible for developing new technology and solutions in the PC Postage and shipping space.


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