What’s in store for Apple in 2014? Will Apple shake up wearable technology and traditional television, or will it struggle to innovate? Techonomy’s David Kirkpatrick speculated about Apple’s year ahead on Bloomberg Surveillance last week, predicting good things for the tech giant. Even in China, where Apple’s market share is relatively low, Apple has a “great opportunity,” said Kirkpatrick, who is a Bloomberg contributing editor. “It’s a very high-quality, well-respected product in China,” he explained, pointing to Apple’s standing as a higher-status, luxury brand. “In China, status matters very much.”
Other pundits worry about Apple’s long-term financial health, citing declining stock and stiff competition from Android products and Google’s Chromebook. Kirkpatrick, though, stands behind Apple as the “gold standard for portable technology” in the U.S. and around the world. “Apple continues to be an innovative company with the best technology hardware bar none,” he said, adding he thinks the company will make a foray into wearable technology in 2014.