Health + Wealth Of Our Planet – Virtual Access


This virtual registration provides access to all programs during the Health+Wealth Of Our Planet conference. Hosted in partnership with Worth Magazine, it is a day-long immersion with chief sustainability officers, environmentalists, investors, and leaders like Eileen Fisher and Seth Godin—apostles of urgent action on climate.

It will be a rich download on how business must change in the age of climate crisis, with eminent speakers from business, academia, and the environmental movement. Speakers will include Sandrine Dixson-Declève, co-president of the Club of Rome. as well as the chief sustainability officers of FedEx, U.S. Steel, Ericsson, and Citi, plus leaders from environmental groups EDF and RMI, among many others.

Our goal is to highlight the edgy realities of this moment of global climate crisis and general corporate inaction. But you will be surprised at what some of the corporate speakers tell us—some companies, at least, are starting to take the crisis with determination and seriousness. See the full agenda here.

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