Edith Hsu-Chen

Edith Hsu-Chen

Executive Director, New York City Department of City Planning

Edith Hsu-Chen is the Executive Director of the New York City Department of City Planning. She was appointed to the position by the Mayor in January of 2022. In partnership with the Chair of the City Planning Commission, Executive Director Hsu-Chen is responsible for setting and implementing the City’s planning and development agenda, promoting inclusive and equitable growth throughout the five boroughs, and putting the city on the path toward robust recovery from the global pandemic. One of her current priorities is to deliver on the administration’s “City of Yes” planning initiative. This three-part modernization of the zoning code will help New York City achieve carbon neutrality, expand economic opportunities, and provide housing for all.

Between 2008 and 2022, Edith served as the planning director for the borough of Manhattan. Throughout her career, she has implemented a multitude of plans focused on improving neighborhoods as great places to live, work and play, and modernizing New York’s business districts to enhance their competitive edge.

Edith holds an MA in Urban Planning from Harvard University Graduate School of Design and a BA in Design of the Environment from the University of Pennsylvania. She started at DCP as an intern in 1997.

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