Danny Buettner

Danny Buettner

EVP & Chief Development Officer, Blue Zones, LLC

Danny Buettner, son of Blue Zones author and founder Dan Buettner, is a corporate workplace consultant delivering workplace solutions to over 60 companies a year;totaling over one million square feet of built environment. Danny’s approach to workplace consulting takes a holistic approach to how space reflects a company’s brand, assists in talent recruitment, and engages workforce culture for prosperity and longevity. In addition to advising employers on workplace solutions, Danny is also a veteran firefighter and EMT where he periodically presents to community leaders and citizens on issues of community health, safety, and preventive planning. Danny has honed his message from extended service trips around the world, including to post-earthquake Haiti and post-civil war Guatemala.

Danny’s unique perspective on the Blue Zones message is perfect for companies and organizations looking for an emphasis on the power of leveraging brand, engaging talent, and unlocking the power of service.

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