The impact of tech on the American economy, its cities and the transformation of the urban ecosystem shaped the agenda for our fourth annual one-day Techonomy Detroit conference.

The social and economic evolution of our cities is being impacted every day by tech-driven change in every aspect of how we live and work. Be it advances in transportation, education, healthcare or government, tech is enabling new tools to address the challenges and opportunities that will drive the business and social structures of our interconnected, urbanized future.

Speakers included: Autodesk CEO Carl Bass, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini, tech entrepreneur Esther Dyson, The Atlantic’s Jim Fallows, Detroit CIO Beth Niblock,  TechShop CEO Mark Hatch, Google’s John Webb and IBM’s Jennifer Crozier.

Review what was a deep dive into cities and their evolving role for citizens, businesses and institutions,  For the original Webcast Schedule please Click Here