Multi-millionaire investor Marc Andreessen is tweeting up a storm. Since rejoining Twitter Jan. 1, Andreessen has issued close to 200 Tweets (prior to that, he had tweeted just twice in more than five years)—commenting on everything from poverty to philanthropy, pregnancy rates to Ashton Kutcher. Andreessen’s Twitter rampage has raised some eyebrows in the tech community, with one headline calling it “nutso.” But in today’s social-centric world, it may be good strategy.
Techonomy’s David Kirkpatrick joined Emily Chang on Bloomberg West Thursday to talk about why business executives like Andreessen are smart to be active on social media. “The press pays attention to Twitter,” Kirkpatrick said. Leaders do, too, he added, calling Twitter “the de facto place” for leaders in tech, business, media, and entertainment to talk to each other. “You go to the party where your friends are,” said Kirkpatrick, who is a Bloomberg contributing editor. “I think Andreessen has decided if he really wants to be part of the dialogue with other leaders … he needs to be on Twitter.”
Andreessen is known for co-founding Netscape. More recently, he has invested in such successful social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.