In honor of all the women around the world leading the way toward a more equitable future, on this International Women’s Day we assembled ten of our favorite talks by women at Techonomy conferences. There are plenty more where these came from, because we’ve always had a lot of women at our conferences (though we still don’t believe we’ve had enough).
1. Arati Prabhakar, DARPA
“Brainworks I: Man and Machine”
(Techonomy 2015)

Susan Crawford

2. Eileen Guo, Impassion Afghanistan
“Social Media in Low Tech, High Conflict Environments”
 (Techonomy 2015)

3. Susan Crawford, Harvard Law School, interviewed by Jennifer Bradley, Aspen Institute
“The Responsive City: Engaging Communities Through Data-Smart Governance”
(Detroit 2014)
Susan Crawford

4. Laura Mather, Unitive
“The Science of Diversity”
 (Techonomy 2014)

Laura Mather

5. Ping Fu, 3D Systems
“Atoms Are the New Bits”
(Techonomy 2011)

Ping Fu

6. Nina Tandon, Epibone
“Growing Better Bones”
(Bio 2015)

Nina Tandon

7. Tiana Epps-Johnson, Center for Technology and Civic Life
“Civic Tech and the New Digital Divide”
(Detroit 2015)

 Tiana Epps-Johnson

8. Jessi Hempel, WIRED
“Tech and Empathy”
 (Techonomy 2015)


9. Karoli Hindriks, Jobbatical
“The Millennial Way of Working”
 (Detroit 2015)

Karoli Hindricks

10. Sara Gardner, Hitachi Data Systems
“The Internet of Things that Matter”
 (Techonomy 2015)