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Future Makers: 12 of the Most Innovative Minds in Technology and Entertainment

Recent years have seen a merging of parts of the country that never before seemed to go together well: New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The result? An up-and-coming generation of executives and innovators who combine East Coast drive, Silicon Valley optimism and LA creativity. Changing the way we travel, listen to music, watch television and read, these 12 men and women are at the forefront of that movement. Here’s how—and why—they’re changing our world.


The Real McCoy

Mike "Mouse" McCoy started his career as a motorcycle racer and stuntman. Now he and his multimedia production company, Bandito Brothers—maker of guerilla advertising campaigns and the surprise hit movie Act of Valor—are leaving traditional studios in their rearview mirror.



Q&A with William McGlashan and Robert Simonds

The private equity investor and film producer have a plan: to create a new Hollywood studio that makes inexpensive movies for global consumption.



Keys to Protecting Your Privacy

From National Security Agency surveillance to Facebook preference monitoring to widespread hacking, your privacy is being invaded as never before. How can you keep your personal and business information out of the wrong hands? Complete security is impossible, but if you follow these steps, you can at least reduce your risk.




Oral History: Claudio Luti

The owner of Kartell, the Italian furniture company that convinced top interior designers to create pieces from plastic, shares his thoughts on success in design, innovation and entrepreneurship.




Questions and Answers with Maria Bartiromo

The first journalist to report live daily from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Maria Bartiromo, 46, became the face of financial journalism during her 20 years at CNBC. Last November she jumped ship to become an anchor at Fox Business Network—here’s why she’s glad she left.




Q&A with Mike Huang and Max Levchin

The two tech execs talk their latest innovation: an app that helps your employees get pregnant.



City Scapers

Across the globe, a boom in high-end building is transforming the world’s cities. The new buildings from ambitious developers are luxury of a scale—and cost—that would have seemed unthinkable just a few years ago. Here are five developers who are changing the way we live.




A Face in the Crowd

Rodrigo Niño built a residential real estate empire only to be pounded recession. Now the Colombian entrepreneur is trying to crowdfund commercial real estate buys—and turn a hefty profit in the process. At stake is the future of real estate investing.




Q&A with Mauricio Umansky

The reality-television and real estate star is selling more than high-end homes—he’s selling the luxury lifestyle.